Why hire furniture removalists

Why hire furniture removalists

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Some people think relocating furniture on their own is easier and more convenient than hiring professional removalists.

While it may work if you’re only moving a piece or two, there is a lot more to consider when you’re relocating an office or moving into a new home. Moving furniture involves more than just the packing and the heavy lifting.

The people who think it’s easy to do themselves are often proven wrong when they try it!

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It saves time

You don’t need to figure out how to pack your furniture and how to bring it from point A to point B, wondering if you’re doing it right. Professional removalists are trained to assess the furniture that they need to move and know exactly how to do it.

Experienced removalists already have a systematic way of doing things that speeds up the moving process.

Protect your furniture

There is less possibility for mishandling of your furniture and damaging it if it is protected properly during transit.

Professional removalists know which materials to use to protect your furniture. They know which equipment to use to be able to transport each piece, especially the bulkier and heavier items.

They also know how to position them in the truck properly so that they will not break or chip while being transported to their new location.

Your safety

Lifting heavy furniture can injure your back permanently, especially if you do not do it properly.

Hiring removalists saves you this risk.  All you really need to do is to relax and leave it to the pros.

Truck availability

You don’t need to go through the trouble of finding a good truck to use to haul your furniture because removalist companies always have one available when booked.

These companies usually invest in trucks specifically designed for easy loading and unloading for removalists and for carrying fragile items.


When hiring a removalist company like ours, transit insurance is included at no extra charge to protect you in the unlikely event that anything is damaged or broken.

Clean-up crew

And most often than not, your removalists will take care of removing the mess once all your items have been loaded in the truck.  Hiring experienced removalists will not only save you a lot of work, it will also save you time, and in the long run, money.

Relocating? Call us. We’ll make your move hassle-free.

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