What to know when moving into a new build home

What to know when moving into a new build home

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Moving into any new home is exciting. But there’s something really thrilling about moving into a brand spanking new build. 

Chances are you’ve been anticipating this moment for months, if not years. Watching each stage of the build, from bare block to frame and now finished home. With the move in date approaching, the wait is about to come to an end.

But often the excitement of moving into a new home is tempered by the Herculean list of tasks to actually get it done.

Your builder will confirm your date of handover. This is when you’ll get your keys and the house officially becomes yours. Usually you’ll know this date a few weeks beforehand so you can begin to prepare.

This includes both the practical aspects of moving, as well as the financial settlement:

  • Advise your lender and/or broker about your settlement date
  • Book removalists for on or after settlement date
  • If renting, provide notice to vacate
  • If you currently own, make arrangements to sell or rent out your current home

Preparing to move into your new build home

Once you have a confirmed move in date, you can start with the practical aspects of moving. Start packing as early as possible so you don’t have to rush at the end. This will also help you to decide what items you’re bringing with you to the new house, and what you will sell, donate or dispose of.

It can help to refer to a floor plan to decide where things go. Your builder’s floor plan includes all the measurements, which is incredibly handy when working out what pieces will fit. Print out another copy for your movers and colour code rooms and boxes accordingly. This will help make sure the right boxes go into the right rooms – making unpacking so much faster.

If you plan to buy new furniture, check with the store about delivery timeframes. Getting any deliveries sent directly to your new home will prevent double-handling (and potentially extra costs).

You may not want to go out and buy all your new furniture at once, however. Take some time to actually live in your home and see how you use it before committing to a whole new look. This can help avoid costly mistakes.

One week before your move, check that your utilities and services are connected. If you have NBN, you’ll need to arrange for a first-time connection to your home – this is an extra cost and takes a couple of days to set up, so factor that in.

Preparing for your move will help make the actual moving process go so much smoother and alleviate some of the stress. And that means you’ll be able to enjoy your new home, and neighbourhood, much sooner.


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