Top tips for a pet-friendly move

Top tips for a pet-friendly move

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Pets can become easily stressed by any change in their environment. Which means moving house can be a particularly overwhelming time for them.

You can lessen their anxiety by following a few tips before, during and after you move house in Geelong.

Pet-proof your new home before you move

If possible, get your new home ready for your pet to move in before moving day. This will make it easier to get them established in their regular routine.

If you have a yard for your dog, double-check how secure it is by walking around the property and look for any gaps where they could get out.

If you have a cat, be aware that many councils have a cat curfew in place, meaning your cat will need to be indoors from sunset to sunrise. Or they may prohibit cats from roaming outside at all.

In any case, it’s much safer for cats to be kept indoors. Installing a small outdoor cat run can give your moggy some daily time in the sun while keeping them (and the local wildlife) safe.

Take extra care on moving day

Moving day can stress a lot of pets out. There’s people coming in and out, furniture and boxes being moved and just a lot of chaos happening around them.

Be extra careful of your pet accidentally getting loose. If you can, confine them to a room or backyard until you’re ready to get them in the car.

Or consider whether your pets would be more comfortable spending the day at a kennel/cattery or with a trusted local pet sitter.

Set up a space for them in the new home

Create a warm, cosy space for your pet as soon as you move them into the new home so they can begin to get comfortable. Include some food and water, their bed, and an old tshirt or their favourite toy so it smells like home. You could also play some white noise to neutralise the sound of boxes and furniture being moved.

Maintain their routine

The best way to keep your pet calm throughout the moving process is to follow their routine as much as possible.

Feed them at the same time, walk them when you normally would, and make time for the usual cuddles and playtime. With all the hustle and bustle of packing going on around them, this will reassure them of their place in your home.

Talk to your vet about calming solutions

While most pets should settle down within a couple of days of moving, some pets can get very overwhelmed with a change in environment.

Your vet will be able to recommend certain calming solutions, like sprays and medications, to help your pet get settled in as easily as possible.

Update their registration details

If your dog or cat does escape, you’ll want to be notified as soon as possible. Include your contact details on their collar and make sure you update their microchip details with the relevant information.


You may also need to register them with the local council and pay a registration fee, so make sure you check this as well.


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