Tips for preparing your household items for storage

Tips for preparing your household items for storage

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Moving house can be exciting and stressful, especially when you can’t move into your new home straight away. Sometimes it’s necessary to store your furniture and other possession for a short or long time. It is important that you take steps to prepare your goods for storage to make sure they are in the best condition possible when you finally move into your new home.

Crichton Removals offer warehouse or container storage. We provide the space for your goods to be stored however it the customer’s responsibility to make sure the goods are packed or prepared for storage particularly for longer periods (greater than 2 weeks).  So to help prep you items ready for storage, we’ve put together some handy tips for you to think about when packing or preparing your goods.


Before your furniture goes into storage, give it the proper cleaning it needs to avoid mould, dust, and deterioration. Check what you should use to clean your furniture ie: water-based or solvent cleaner. Natural fabrics should not be cleaned with water but synthetic fabrics can be. For leather couches, apply a few drops of olive oil to a microfibre cloth and run the leather with circular motions.

Never use plastic to cover or protect your furniture, it traps moisture and causes mould and mildew to form. It is not recommended to store antique furniture for long periods unless in a climate controlled facility. Crichton Removals warehouse and containers are not climate controlled.

Regardless of the material, make sure it is thoroughly dry before it goes into storage. This will help maximise the condition of your furniture in storage.

Shoes and Boots

Clean shoes and boots thoroughly and apply a leather conditioner to leather soles and uppers. Stuff the toes and wrap shoes with acid-free tissue or paper (definitely not newspaper). Muslin fabric is also very good for wrapping shoes. This will help with any moisture particularly for medium to long-term storage.

Use a cardboard insert to keep long boots in shape.

Vinyl Records

Always store records upright in their album jackets. Storing records slanted, diagonally or stacked horizontally for extended periods can lead to them warping. Use dividers in your storage cartons to make sure they stay upright. If you require insurance for your items while they are in storage, you will have to purchase insurance separately. We can help you arrange insurance if you wish.

Clothing and other fabric items

Make sure everything is clean and dry before storing. Do not store in plastic garment bags or plastic boxes for extended periods. Plastic can accumulate excess moisture and damage fabrics. Do not store clothing on wire hangers for long periods of time as they can damage clothing. For delicate or expensive materials, it is worth wrapping in acid-free tissue paper. Also consider using something to deter moths like cedar oil or mothballs.

Musical instruments

Loosen drum skins to prevent them from stretching. Release tension on stringed instruments, this will prevent strings from snapping and warping the neck. Piano strings do not need to be loosened.

Make sure the instrument is clean and dry. Use tissue paper between pads of woodwind instruments such as flutes and saxophones. This stops the pads from becoming sticky.

Even storing instruments in velvet lined cases for long periods can cause damage. Place a layer of acid-free tissue between the case and the instrument. A clean cotton sheet can work well for larger instruments.

Food, liquids or chemicals

Don’t store food of any kind with your goods and make sure that there are no crumbs or food remnants on anything you are storing. This can attract vermin which will place your other items and potential the items of other customers at risk of infestation or other damage.

It is also important that any liquids, like cleaning solutions or wine etc are stored in appropriate containers that won’t leak or break. We advise against storing chemicals.

Any damage cause to your belongings or the belongings of other customers as a result of items you have stored will be your responsibility.

If you have any further questions, please see our Conditions of Storage, Storage Factsheet or contact us on 03 5272 1072.

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How to store your items for storage. Tip Sheet

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