The right way to move a piano

The right way to move a piano

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A piano is a precision musical instrument, beautiful, classic – and heavy. Moving a piano can be tricky.

Pianos are fragile and certain steps must be followed in lifting and shifting them, otherwise you may damage not only the piano, but yourself as well.

Here are some of the things that you need to remember when you’re transferring an upright piano from one location to another.

Helpful tips to move a piano

1. Use a dolly

A dolly is a wheeled trolley that sits under the piano to help roll it along. There are two types of dollies: the four-wheeler and the six-wheeler.

Six-wheel dollies make it much easier for removalists to move pianos, because they can go on different terrains, and are more flexible when you need to take the piano down a few steps. However four-wheel dollies are more commonly used.

Pianos are particularly heavy. Dollies can help lessen the amount of time you need to lift it and transfer it.

Move the piano away from the wall and position the dolly in front of it, by the pedals, in preparation for the lifting.

2. Position at least one removalist at each end of the piano

Do not attempt to lift a piano alone.

One removalist must place a hand to support the back of the piano, while another has one his hand on top of the piano to keep it from tilting.

Both removalists must grab beneath the piano to lift it. Do not hold the legs, as they may break off.

When you lift the piano, make sure that you lift from your legs and not from your back, to keep yourself from getting injured.

3. Lift the piano together and set it down carefully on the dolly

Make sure that the dolly is at the center of the bottom of the piano.

Double-strap the piano to the dolly before rolling it towards the exit.

4. Put moving pads on the piano to protect it

Rolling pianos out the the door can be very tricky. You may want to put moving pads around it to protect it, in case it hits the sides or scrape against the doorway.

Roll the piano out sideways, with one of the removalists before it.

5.Use ramps to roll the piano down front steps

Many houses have front steps, if yours does you will need a ramp to roll the piano down.

One of the removalists must stay in front to protect the piano from rolling off the ramp.

Use ramps, too, in loading the piano onto the truck.

While one removalist must stay in front to guide, the other must be supporting the lower end and pushing it into the truck.

6. The piano must be placed at the center of the truck, with its front-facing the back of the driver

Strap it to the truck and make sure that it is secured before driving off.

When you get to the other end, follow the steps in reverse!

Have a plan

Moving pianos can be very challenging, especially if you do not have a plan.

Look the locations over and map out your exits and entrances. Measure the doorways and go for the easiest route towards the truck.

Or hire us, we know exactly what to do! You can simply sit back and relax as our experienced removalists transfer your piano to your new location.

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