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Have a piano that needs moving and don’t know where to turn? Crichton Removals is here to help with our piano moving service. Whether you need help moving your piano from one room to another or you’re moving house and need your piano safely transported along with the rest of your belongings. Our team of experienced piano removalists taking the greatest care with your treasured Upright, Baby Grand or Grant Piano. When you choose Crichton Removals to move your piano, you can rest assured your piano will be moved by trained professionals who possess the necessary experience and equipment.

Why Hire Our Professional Piano Movers?

  • Prevent injury – Due to their bulky size, pianos can be very difficult to move without injury. The risk of hurting your back is high when you don’t have access to the right piano moving equipment or don’t know the proper lifting techniques. Our professional piano movers in Melbourne and Geelong know how to safely move pianos without injury.
  • Minimise the risk of damage – Even with the right equipment, pianos can be awkward to navigate. If you try to move one yourself, you could end up causing irreparable damage or impacting its tuning. Leaving it to experienced professionals is the best option if you want to ensure damage-free relocation of your piano.
  • Save time – Trying to move a piano on your own, or even with the help of friends, can be a very long and arduous process. The care you need to take will likely mean you’ll be working at a snail’s pace. But when you hire our professional piano movers in Geelong or Melbourne, you can enjoy a speedier relocation due to our expertise and specialised piano moving trolleys.

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When you need experienced piano movers in Melbourne or Geelong to assist with relocation of a piano, don’t look past the team at Crichton Removals. We’re capable of moving all types and sizes of piano, from small organs through to grand pianos. Call us now on 03 5272 1072 to request a quote or make a booking for a time that suits you.

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