When your small to medium business needs to relocate, whether permanently or temporarily, you want a removalist service that is efficient and professional. Crichton Removals has extensive experience in relocating businesses to new premises or for temporary moves such as refurbishments, and we take a thorough approach to minimise risks and ensure your needs are met to your satisfaction.

We will discuss with you, and get a full understanding of, all your individual requirements. We then carefully consider your requirements to produce an individual care plan, which clearly outlines detailed instructions to our staff to ensure your move runs smoothly and on time. These instructions include timeframes, description of origin and destination buildings and any access issues, pre-packing and dismantling/reassembling requirements as applicable.

Commercial relocations can include:

      • office and educational facility relocations
      • graduation set-ups and dismantles
      • corporate relocations moving employees’ personal belongings
      • after-hours service to ensure resources are available during working hours
      • dismantling of desks and furniture as necessary
      • pre-packing of labelled cartons
      • placing items into new premises according to site plans
      • keeping equipment, cartons and furniture together as required
      • re-assembling of furniture such as desks
      • storing furniture and equipment during refurbishments
      • moving specialist equipment, such as, medical equipment.

Need reassurance that we are up to the task? We are happy to provide you with corporate references upon request.

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