Cheap Furniture Removals, Moving and Relocations

Moving home in Geelong or Melbourne and carting your belongings from one house to another can be a challenge. Not only do you have to pack all of your small and fragile things into moving boxes, but you usually have to break down large and heavy furniture. And then you’ve got to get that furniture out of your home somehow and into your new place, all without damaging walls or your furniture. This can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of help or if you have awkward furniture pieces that present problems moving through doors or hallways.

At Crichton Removals, we offer furniture removal services that can save you hassle, work, time and money. We’re experienced in relocating furniture and getting it where it needs to go, safely and minimal stress. We can handle every aspect of your furniture removal job, from disassembling furniture and wrapping it with protective materials through to moving it to your new home and setting it up for you. We operate in a timely manner, provide accurate furniture removal quotes, have professional and courteous movers, and offer affordable furniture removal and storage rates to make things easier on you. We can also assist with both home and office furniture removal.

We know that moving is something most people don’t like to do, especially if they have to move furniture. Call us when you need cheap furniture removals for a residential or commercial move of any size.

  • Residential Furniture Removals and Relocaiton

    Crichton Removals takes the hassle out of moving furniture during your residential relocation. Our professional removalists in Geelong and surrounding suburbs offer a complete moving service that includes furniture removal and storage, ensuring a smooth transition from one home to the next. Crichton Removals can provide short or long-term storage of your belongings if there is any delay when moving home in Geelong or Melbourne.

  • Commercial Furniture Removals and Relocations

    Moving a business? Don’t let moving your office furniture get you stressed out. You have a lot to think about when transporting an entire workplace, so call Crichton Removals take care of your office furniture removal for you? We sit down with you (or speak to you on the phone, if it’s easier) and discuss every detail of your commercial move, and your needs. When you choose our furniture removal services, a hassle-free move isn’t only possible, it’s probable. We can also take care of moving more than just your office furniture, if you need us to.

  • Interstate Furniture Removals and Relocations

    Interstate furniture removals require special care and consideration. Crichton Removals has provided interstate furniture removal and storage for many customers, and we’re happy to sit down with you and talk about your big move. We can also speak with you over the phone about what you have to move, the price to move it, and the logistics of getting it from one state to another. Crichton Removals offers safe, timely and professional furniture removals for most interstate locations.

To request an accurate furniture removal quote, whether for a residential or commercial move, call our team today.



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