How to prepare and pack artwork for a smooth move

How to prepare and pack artwork for a smooth move

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In this series, we’re sharing our tips on how to pack and move your items with ease. Read on to find out how to pack your valuable artwork for moving.

Artwork and framed photographs give life to your home and allow you to showcase your interests and personal style. Whether a valuable collection of artworks or your children’s pieces lovingly framed for display, it’s essential your artwork is moved safely and securely.

Tom Parsons, a Geelong artist and the founder of art supply company Outside the Square, says that preparation is key to a smooth move and ensures your artworks are ready to display in your new home.

Start by gathering together all your artwork in the one spot so you can pack them all together. Make sure you have plenty of packing materials, including tape, bubble wrap, butcher’s paper, sturdy cardboard and boxes.

“When moving artwork, particularly paintings on canvas or artworks in frames, it’s important to be particularly mindful of protecting the front of the work, and the corners. For an individual artwork in a glass frame use a layer of bubble wrap followed by a layer of cardboard, or pack tightly in a cardboard box to ensure there is limited chance of damage,” says Tom.

Similar sized artworks can be packed together. This helps to save room, but also gives added protection if you bundle them face-to-face.

Artworks in frames with glass need particular attention. Broken glass can not only damage your artwork, but can lead to injury during the move. Make an X across the glass using painters tape (which comes off easily without leaving sticky residue). This will ensure that if the glass does break in transit, there’s less chance it will go everywhere.

It’s important also to let your removalists know which boxes need extra careful handling. Set these aside and mark the boxes clearly as ‘artworks’ and ‘fragile’. Your removalists will be able to pack them in the truck standing upright rather than flat, to prevent other boxes being placed on top and potentially damaging the face of your paintings.

Once you’re at your new home, it’s time to install your artwork on the walls. Rather than rush into this while you’re tired from the move, give yourself time to get a feel for your new space and make sure you’re happy with the placement of furniture first.

“I find it best to place the artwork on the floor in front of the potential wall for a few days. It will give you a bit of an idea about how it will fit into the space before you install hanging hardware into the walls,” says Tom.

Another tip is to tape up templates using butcher’s paper and painter’s tape to match the size of your artworks in order to get a feel for the placement of each piece.

When it comes time to hang, follow the old adage to measure twice and hammer once. You don’t want to end up with dozens of holes in your nice new walls.

“Take your time measuring things so that the artwork hangs at the height you want and is centred on the wall. A rule of thumb for height of paintings is that you want the centre of the piece to be at an average eye height which is about 150-155cm,” advises Tom.

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