How to pack kids toys for moving day

How to pack kids toys for moving day

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In this series, we’re sharing our tips on how to pack and move your items with ease. Read on to find out how to pack your kids toys for moving.

Between birthdays, Christmas and ‘just because’, kids manage to acquire a lot of toys, games and crafts. And it’s only when you plan to move that you truly appreciate the sheer volume of things there are.

While plenty of us can find moving stressful, for kids it can bring up even bigger emotions. Children are often very attached to their personal items and the prospect of moving somewhere new can be upsetting. Even more so if the move involves changing schools and making new friends.

During these transitional periods, kids turn to the comfort of their favourite toys to give them a sense of reassurance. So as much as you just want to pack their things in a box and move onto the next task, you may need to slow down and acknowledge the importance of these treasured items for your kids’ sense of belonging.

​​Packings tips for kids toys

How you approach the packing process will depend on the age of your child. For young children, you’ll be doing most of the packing yourself. But older kids can be involved in the process, even taking charge of packing up their own room (with supervision).

Start culling no longer wanted toys early – well before your move date. Letting go of toys – even if they’re no longer played with – can be difficult for some kids. So give yourself plenty of time to work through this before you begin to pack.

Leave treasured toys to pack last – like a beloved soft toy and favourite games. Older kids can choose which items to leave out. For younger children, look for which items they’re reaching for in the weeks before your move and keep these aside.

Get the kids involved – depending on their age(s). They can help wrap smaller items, put things in boxes, and label them up. Stickers can be a fun way to label boxes for kids who can’t write their own name yet. You can also encourage them to think about where things will go in their new bedroom and how they’ll set it up.

Set aside one box for moving day – and take this in the car with you. If this isn’t possible, then clearly mark this box and ask your removalists to pack it last so it’s the first thing to be unpacked at the other end. You might add a few books, games or other items to occupy your kids on the day of.

How to pack toys for moving

Soft toys

The easiest way to pack these is to just place them in a large box or suitcase. For extra protection, place them in a place bag first to protect them from dust and potential water damage.

Action figures and dolls

Keep action figures and dolls safe by wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper before placing them in a sturdy box. Place small accessories like shoes and swords in resealable plastic bags to avoid things going missing.

Board games and puzzles

Board games and puzzles can be packed in the original box and then placed in a sturdy moving box. Pack games and pieces that come without a box into suitably sized plastic kitchen containers or old shoe boxes (add a piece of tape to avoid these opening up during the move).


Pack books away in small moving boxes. Kids books often come in odd sizes, so to avoid any damage, pack similar sized books together and lay them flat. Stuffed toys or blankets can be added to the box to avoid the books sliding around and getting damaged.

Electronic consoles and games

Games consoles and other kids tech items should be packed away carefully using plenty of bubble wrap or other soft wrapping. Remove batteries before packing and gently secure cords with a bit of tape to avoid tangling.

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