Nothing stops our removalists

Nothing stops our removalists

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Being a removalist can be both challenging and rewarding.

Our job doesn’t simply involve transporting and unloading furniture across cities. Sometimes, our team runs into uncomfortable circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or unusual cargo. This is challenging but it is why we make sure that everyone on board are trained properly to respond to any situation.

Even snow won’t stop us

Earlier this month, we delivered a family’s household belongings to Creswick from Teesdale when it snowed.

Some of our team were in shorts! But snow wasn’t about to stop us from doing our job and helping the family ease into their new home, so we rugged up in beanies and gloves and offloaded the furniture anyway.

Afterward, we happily sipped on hot drinks that our client served us to help warm us up. He was thrilled that the team was happy to continue serving and didn’t make an issue of the weather.

Crichton Team turns into Search & Rescue Team!

One of our main concerns is always the safety of our clients. However, at a recent pre-pack and move, our dear elderly client insisted on lending the team a hand.

One of the things he tried to do was to help the boys pull a large book shelf away from a corner, but as he pulled out one side then walked behind it to push out the other side, the side of the bookshelf moved back towards the wall and trapped him.

Our team immediately went into a ‘search & rescue’ mode when they heard a cry for help and within minutes, traced the sound from behind the empty bookshelf and freed the poor gentleman.

Our boys set him up on a chair to enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee as we completed the rest of our tasks.

Crichton Removals

Unusual passengers

Some of our experiences as removalists can be quite amusing.

There’s the usual array of interesting furniture and tight staircases to navigate, but sometimes there’s special deliveries that require extra care or have a unique item included.

Recently we had a statue of Ronald McDonald still sitting on his bench in the back of our truck. He obviously found Geelong too cold and had to be transported to Queensland.

Nothing stops the Crichton Team

Some circumstances are unexpected but we make sure that our team is prepared to handle whatever situation we find ourselves in. This is one of the reasons why many of our clients trust us with their moving needs through the years.

So if you need an experienced team to help you transport anything, call us. We’ll give our best to make your move smooth and stress-free for you.

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