Moving from Melbourne to Geelong

Moving from Melbourne to Geelong

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Geelong has seen many residents pack their bags and move to Melbourne for job opportunities in the past. Nowadays, the broad trend is reversed as more people relocate from Melbourne to Geelong instead of the other way around.

The reasons are practical. Many of these people moving to Geelong are families looking for a smaller mortgage and a more affordable lifestyle, while enjoying accessibility to quality schools, hospitals, shopping facilities and other facilities.

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You can experience the best of both worlds while living in Geelong as it only 20 minutes away from the beach and just a train away from Melbourne. Families who opt for a more laid back lifestyle and less congested traffic will feel right at home.


Relocating to Geelong from Melbourne might not seem far but it can be a big move. It is a different lifestyle compared to the one you’ve been accustomed to, so give yourself time to plan the move.

For many, it’s the beginning of a brand new season in their lives.

Early preparation allows you to sort out your belongings and get rid of those that will have no place in your new home.

In spite of all the things you’re throwing out, selling, or giving away, you will most likely still face a mountain of boxes when you get to your new place. Make sure that you have labeled them accordingly to avoid getting them all mixed up and messed up when you start unpacking.

Don’t settle for less

Choose your removalist carefully, and be careful not to book a removalist just because they’re the most affordable. Ask them to brief you on their process.

What is their customer service like? How will they pack your goods? What materials will they use? How will they care for your fragile items? How will they transport your electronics? How will they ensure the protection of your furniture?

Check if the company provides insurance for your belongings. There is a chance for accidents to occur driving from Melbourne to Geelong because of the distance and time it takes to transport your things to your new location. Insurance will be beneficial for you in the unlikely event that any of your belongings are damaged.

At the same time, have an inventory to show your removalist before they start so they will have an idea of how big your project is.

We’ve helped many families relocate from Melbourne to Geelong over the years and we can help you too, if you’re planning to move. Call us!

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