Moving Blankets – What You Need to Know

Moving Blankets – What You Need to Know

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Moving blankets can be an effective packing material to safeguard items in for your move, such as pieces of furniture, large appliances, and even boxes with fragile items inside. But, before you commit to buying, or renting, moving blankets, there are a few things you should know.

As you prepare for your move, keep the following in mind:

A Good Removalist Will Provide Your Moving Blankets For You

The best removalist will provide several protective moving blankets for your use as part of the moving package. They will be used to secure furniture, boxes, structures in the home, and any other things that typically receive contact during a move. Keep in mind that, depending on the moving package you choose, you may need to purchase packing tape from your movers to wrap items in a way that gives them the most protection.

Moving Blankets are Good Protective Materials

Many people rely on moving blankets to keep their things from getting damaged during a move. They choose moving blankets as packing materials because the blankets can easily be wrapped around desks, chairs, and the like, and then and secured with tape to safeguard a piece from nicks and scratches.

Moving blankets are effective when used as cushioning between boxes. They give extra padding in the removal truck so that fragile items can have the ultimate damage protection. Blankets are totally reusable, therefore much more environmentally friendly than bubble wrapping furniture items.

Sometimes, moving blankets can be a good idea for use inside of your home during a move. As you are moving items in or out, they can be wrapped around banisters and other parts of a home that may be susceptible to bumps.

Buying or Renting Moving Blankets

As stated, a good mover will provide some blankets for you to use during the move. But, if you feel you need additional blankets, you can buy or rent them. Many people think that moving blankets offer protection for one’s belongings that far surpasses bubble wrap.

So, it’s best you take the time to think about your moving needs and whether you might benefit from using a few blankets. Individuals who are moving to, or from, a rental property will want to give special consideration to protecting stair railings and such from damage, so that they can potentially receive their full deposit back.

If you determine that you will need moving blankets, more than your mover provides, inquire about the cost of buying vs. renting additional blankets. If you don’t think you’ll be moving again in the near future, or that you’ll ever use the moving blankets again, renting them can be the best option. But, only if the cost to rent the blankets is cheaper than purchasing them. If you do anticipate another move where you’ll need blankets, consider buying them to save money on your next move.

To get an accurate idea of whether you’ll need to pay for moving blankets, and will need to rent or buy them, it’s best to sit down and make a comprehensive moving plan. If you need assistance as you plan your move, feel free to call us. We are always happy to make suggestions based on our many years of experience as expert movers.

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