Billiard & Pool Table Removals Geelong

Billiard & Pool Table Removals Geelong

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Moving a home with a pool table takes special consideration. Pool tables are fragile, like pianos, and they require the right approach to moving or else they could get damaged. Pool tables are a bit dangerous to move. They’re heavy and they can potentially injure someone trying to relocate them.

If you have a pool table that you need to move, we can provide you with experienced movers to safely, and effectively, get your valuable belonging into your new home.

Our team of expert removalists has moved many pool tables. We know what’s required to partially break down your pool table so that it can easily be moved out of your old home, and then position it where you want it in your new home.

The following are the steps you’ll want to take to successfully get your pool table into your new residence:

Hire the Right Number of Removalist Staff

Pool tables are one of the heaviest personal items transported during a residential move. They often take up to 6 people to relocate, but sometimes just 3 people can move a smaller pool table. When you speak to us about your residential move, and moving your pool table, you’ll need to let us know what type of pool table you have. Is it a large competition size table with a heavy slate top? Or, it is a scaled-down family-fun table that’s relatively light? Your pool table model will dictate how many movers will be required to transport it.

Allow Space and Time Access

When moving with a pool table, you’ll want to make sure you leave easy access to the table on moving day. Your removalists will need to get to the table effortlessly without having to push boxes and furniture out of the way. They’ll likely need room turn to the pool table on its side, to disassemble the legs. Making sure your removalists have a clear path to your pool table will save you money, because you won’t be billed for wasted time. Also, as you plan for your move, take into account the time it will likely take to dismantle your pool table, move it, and put it together at your new place. This can affect your schedule for the day.
Consider what path the pool table will take to exit your property as well as entering the new home. Your removalists will need to know whether there will be any stairs upon access or within the house, whether it has to be moved around corners/hallways etc. and how far it will need to be manually moved from and to the truck.

Plan for Appropriate Packing Materials

To move your pool table and keep it safe, you’ll need to wrap it with the right packing materials. Your mover should provide moving blankets to cover your pool table base, and the legs, in.


When you consider these factors in getting a pool table from one place to the next, your entire experience will probably be a smooth and enjoyable one. If you need any other tips for moving large items to a new residence, feel free to give us a call!

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