The are the most common arguments couples have when moving house

The are the most common arguments couples have when moving house

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You and your partner have found the perfect house in Geelong. You’ve signed on the dotted line and are ready to move in. The only problem? Now you have to shift all your stuff.

Whether this is your first time moving in together or your tenth move as a couple, moving house can cause a lot of tension in a relationship.

In fact, a study by a UK moving company found 3 in 4 respondents had relationship woes after moving house with a partner. And while most disagreements resolve once the move is done, a small number of times moving house led to the end of the relationship, according to the survey.

No matter how well you and your partner get along, moving house is sure to bring some issues to the surface. When you’re both tired, hungry and feeling overwhelmed by the mammoth task of packing and unpacking an entire house, even seemingly small arguments can get blown out of proportion.

Knowing what potential issues could come up so you can resolve them ahead of time is key to keeping your relationship on track and your move going as smoothly. Here are some of the most common arguments couples have when moving house.

What to keep and what to throw away

They say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and at no time is this more accurate than when you live with someone else. You cannot see the value in that stack of battered instruction manuals your partner insists on boxing up and carting with them from house to house. And they may not understand why you insist on holding onto that glass swan sculpture from your great aunt despite never putting it out for display.

The decluttering that goes along with moving house can cause more than a few arguments. Moreso if one person is a minimalist and the other more of a let’s-hold-onto-it-just-in-case.

The key is to approach any discussion from a point of understanding and compromise. Rather than focus on individual items (their tatty sports team shirt, your collection of tea cups), perhaps set limits on how many boxes each person’s items can take up.

And if it’s really getting too much and interfering with the progress of your move, consider making use of short-term storage and go through each box in your own time.

Whether to hire removalists or not

Everyone has different ways of doing things, and this can be magnified when it comes to stressful situations like moving.

In your mind, a large truck turns up in the morning and a couple of moving professionals carefully pack all your furniture, boxes and belongings while you sit on the front porch and sip coffee.

Yet your partner insists they can get it done with a borrowed ute, a few mates and a stack of pizzas.

Planning out your move can cause a lot of conflict, especially if you can’t come to an agreement about how best to tackle it. A lot of the time this comes down to finances, but many people forget to consider the time-cost that comes with moving too.

If you can afford it, having removalists is well worth it. Not only will the move go a lot faster, but they’ll save you from plenty of on-the-day disagreements about the correct way to stack boxes and whether something is tied down properly. And leave you with energy to tackle the task of unpacking and setting up your new home.

Finding a removalist that offers value for money and can provide an estimate of costs can help alleviate some of the money stress.

Little niggles turning into big fights

Stress. Fatigue. Hunger. All side effects of moving house. And also a leading cause of arguments.

Even couples that rarely fight can find themselves huffing, sniping and rolling their eyes at their partner in the midst of a pile of boxes and packing tape.

Make sure that you’re building in time to rest, recharge throughout the moving week.

Plan to have a couple of take away meals rather than trying to cook in a half done kitchen. Take a walk around the block for some fresh air and to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings.

And finally, prioritise getting the bedroom set up first to have a calm haven among the chaos where you can relax together. 


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