How to pick a removalist company

How to pick a removalist company

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Choosing a removal company for your move isn’t always easy. Afterall, you’re trusting someone with your precious (and sometimes irreplaceable) possessions, in what is often an incredibly stressful and exhausting process.

And, unfortunately, there’s no shortage of underhanded operators out there. The kind who’ll show up late, throw your belongings in a van, and demand extra payments that weren’t disclosed upfront.

So what do you need to know to find a removalist who’ll turn up on time, treat your belongings with care, while keeping your move within budget? Let’s take a look at our top tips for picking a removalist for your next move.

Start with a search for Geelong removalists

It’s likely your first step will be to turn to the internet in search of a local removalist. One of the benefits of using a local removalist company is that it’s likely going to be more cost effective. Most removalists will charge on a time basis from the time they leave the depot to the time they return. So if you choose a local removal company in Geelong, you will be spending less on travel time.

Another way to find a reliable removalist is to ask around. If you know of someone who has moved recently, ask them who they used. Facebook groups can also be a good source of recommendations.

Check out the reviews

Once you’ve got a list of a few removal companies, have a read through their reviews via Google and Facebook. If you can’t find any published reviews or you find multiple 1 or 2 star reviews littered with complaints, it’s best to move on.

It’s also worth noting if your prospective removal company has received any awards or recognition of service – especially if these are industry- or independently-run awards.

Call up and chat about your move

Once you have a few recommendations, call up and ask about how they work. You’ll want to ask for details about their pricing structure (hourly or flat rate), what’s included (number of removalists and van size) and any terms and conditions you need to be aware of.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure they have the availability on the date you require and operate in the area you’re moving from and to. Good removalists will book up quickly, so the further in advance you can book, the better.

To get the best service from your removalists, you’ll also want to be prepared with some basic information about your move. Make sure you have a fair estimate of your household belongings so your removalists can provide an accurate price estimate.

Be aware of underestimating or opting for a smaller truck at a cheaper rate. While the rate may be higher for a larger truck with three removalists, you’ll likely save time and it may come out cheaper overall. It’s much easier to pack a large truck and have a little room leftover than try to Tetris all your belongings into a small, tightly packed van.

If you can, have the removal company come out to your house and provide a quote based on the actual items in your home. This can be really helpful if you’re unsure of how to estimate your items or you want to get a more accurate quote.

Double-check the details

Once you’ve confirmed your date, you should receive a quote from your removal company. This will outline the details you’ve provided, an hourly rate and estimated time, any insurances that are included, and the payment terms.

It will also detail your booked move time, starting point and destination –  make sure these are correct to avoid any hiccups on the day. 

Spread the word

And what about after the move is over? If you’re happy with your removalists, make sure you leave a review on your preferred platform to help others make an informed decision.


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