How much does it cost to move in Geelong?

How much does it cost to move in Geelong?

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Moving house in Geelong can be a costly exercise, but knowing what’s involved and planning ahead can make for a smoother process.

When it comes to moving, there are plenty of hidden costs that can pop up along the way. While there are the obvious costs of hiring removalists and getting your stuff from House A to B, you’ll also want to consider budgeting for other expenses that will make your move easier.

The cost of moving in Geelong

Hiring a truck by the day is obviously the cheapest option. But you’ll have to do the heavy lifting yourself (likely with the help of some good friends). This may not be the most reliable option and can take longer than planned.

Getting removalists to help with the move does cost more, but these trained professionals are far more efficient (after all, they do it every day), and have the right equipment to prevent damage to your possessions.

The other benefit of bringing in the professionals is you can get them to help with as much or as little as you want. Just want a team to move the bigger furniture and heavy boxes? They’re on it. Want someone to handle the whole move including packing, transport and unpacking at the other end? You can get them to do that too.

Geelong removalist cost

Geelong removalists charge by the hour, which usually takes into account the time it takes to leave the depot and return at the end of your move. You’ll get an estimate prior to your move so you have a rough idea about how much your move will cost. 

There are many factors that will influence how long your move takes and, therefore, the cost. The location of the house you’re moving from and to, the type of dwelling, how easy it is to access, how much furniture and items you have, and how much prep you do beforehand.

For example, a single-storey house with street frontage is easier to access than an apartment with lifts and that’ll make your move go quicker (and, therefore, cost less).

Standard moves include a team of two professionals and a moving truck. A three bedroom house might take anywhere from four to nine hours to pack up and move, at an average cost of $600 to $1,300.

More complex moves will usually mean having a team of three professionals on site – this will cost more per hour but, because they can work faster, often results in a similar rate overall.A large five-bedroom house with storage might take a whole day to pack and unload safely, and could cost around $2,000.

Factor in additional costs for help with packing and unpacking boxes at either end, difficult access, multiple locations (for example, if you have some furniture in storage) or moving fragile items.

Other costs of moving

It’s not just the cost of removalists that you’ll want to consider in your budget.

Packing boxes and supplies

You’ll need a stack of sturdy boxes, tape and paper to safely pack your belongings for your move. Buying directly from your removal company such as Crichton Removals is the simplest option, but you may also be able to pick a few boxes up for free (or cheap) from Facebook marketplace or local businesses.

Tip: err on the side of too many boxes – you always need more than you think.


There aren’t many people who want to spend time cleaning after they’ve moved. Getting in some professional cleaners to do your final clean will allow you to spend time getting settled into your new house.

Tip: you may also want a gardener to clean up your yard and remove debris.


Tip fees or a skip

It’s inevitable that as you go through your belongings you’ll find things you don’t want to bring to your new home. While you may be able to sell or give away some items, others are destined to be more ‘trash’ than ‘treasure’.


Tip: Geelong council offers up to two free scheduled kerbside hard rubbish collections annually for residents.


Crichton Removals has a reputation as friendly, professional budget removalists in Geelong. With numerous trucks and our own storage warehouse, we’re able to provide removal services and storage solutions in Geelong and beyond.

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