Expert Tips for a Smooth Office Move

Expert Tips for a Smooth Office Move

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Moving an office can present a number of logistical challenges, beyond just the physical relocation of furniture. Ensuring a smooth move involves early preparation and streamlined coordination amongst all involved.

Whether you’re moving into bigger premises, relocating to a better location, or simply looking to accommodate a change in staffing, these tips will help your next office proceed with as little disruption as possible.

Start preparing as soon as possible

The time between deciding on an office move and actually getting into the new premises can take months. And while it can feel like you have plenty of time to get organised, the sooner you start, the less disruption for your business’ day to day activities.

Dedicate time in the calendar each week to complete a few pre-move tasks. Depending on the size of your business and number of employees, you may want to create a working committee to split these up and make sure nothing gets missed. You could appoint someone from each department or at different levels (junior, mid- and senior- management) to the group so that every element is considered during the move.

Once you’ve got a plan in place, make an announcement to all staff about the upcoming move. Let them know the timeline and who they can speak with about what’s happening. This is also a good time to seek feedback from staff about workspace changes, office perks or anything that would make them happier and more productive.

Take a strategic approach

Moving home is often a good time to get rid of excess clutter and revisit what’s essential. And the same applies to an office move. 

Take advantage of the relocation to assess what excess clutter you could get rid of. Not just physical office ‘stuff’ but also how you operate. Are there changes you could make that would result in time and monetary savings, or increase productivity? This might mean situating certain people near each other, changing where office equipment sits or even taking advantage of hybrid office/home work to reduce the number of desks you need.

Get detailed

Picture how you want the move to go and prepare accordingly. Avoid double handling of furniture by planning exactly where everything will go.

Get a floor plan of the new office and draw in each piece of furniture. Give each one a number then place a sticky label on the corresponding physical piece item. Hand this to your removalists on the day so they can just follow your plan.

Give staff clear instructions on what they’ll need to pack themselves and what will be left up to the team. Provide boxes and labels to make sure the right things get to the right person at the other end. Make sure your employees know who to ask if they have any questions about the move in the lead up to it – this can help allay concerns and make sure everyone is getting the same information.

Plan for the day

Prepare your clients and customers in advance. Change your email signature to advise of the move date and new address. Advise your regular couriers and any service providers. 

About 1-2 months out from your move date, brief your removalists and provide them with the layout along with parking and access details for the day.

Arrange an IT specialist to help set up your internet and phone connections for the day after your move.

Shed and shred

Avoid the cost of moving things you don’t need by getting rid of things you don’t need in the lead up. Furniture can be consigned or sold online. A secure shredder will allow you to dispose of sensitive files before the move. If you have a lot of surplus stuff, hire a skip bin to carry it all away.

On the day

Plan to have at least one person at the new premises to direct your removalists and someone at the old building to make sure everything gets onto the truck.

Make sure that client files or sensitive material is marked so these can be treated accordingly – and not left unattended.

Arrange staff to have access to the new building and confirm how they get in on the first day. Check that the boxes and items on peoples’ desks match up. For a welcome touch, provide a voucher to a local coffee shop so they can get to know the area.

With years of office moves under our belts, the professional team at Crichtons can assist with your office move. Chat to us today and start planning your move to the new office space.

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