Bay lifestyle interview with Daryl Pagan

Last Saturday, Crichton Removalists’ own Daryl Pagan had a good chat with Roxie Bennett of Bay lifestyle about what people need to know about moving houses.

The interview lasted five minutes which covered the basic things anyone planning a move can use as a guideline.

Listen to it here:

Here’s a full transcription of the interview:

Good morning! Welcome to Bay lifestyle this Saturday morning. You know, I don’t know about you but I’ve moved a couple of times and I have found it, every single time, incredibly stressful and a day filled with anxiety.

If you don’t have the right removalist or you don’t do it the right way, it can be hell on wheels.

Daryl Pagan from Crichton Removals is joining us this morning.

Daryl, you’re going to tell us what we need to think about if we’re moving house.

Yes, that’s right, Roxie. Nice to be with you.

Yeah, it’s not an easy thing, and unlike for’s not something you do all the time, so it can be filled with anxiety, can’t it?

Well, it is. The day itself is the climax that probably have build up in three, four weeks for the people in the house that have to make a lot of discussions about moving out and what they’re going to move, how it’s gonna happen.

They gotta choose a removalist, they have got to do all the planning, so yeah, it’s the day that is the end result of a lot of hard work for them.

What are the things that you need to think about when you’re choosing a removalist? I know it may…I think it came down to on just who I can get on the day.

That’s probably not a good policy. You’ve got plenty of time before the settlement date to organise. More planning you can do, the better.

And to be able to look through the internet, look through the yellow pages, whichever form of media that you can find out more about the details of each removalist as to their benefits, how they look, how they feel, how they read.

And then get a couple of them to quote is the best idea.

I think that is a really important point because I know that I sort of said to the person I had to find, “aaah you know, I’ve got a house full of furniture blah blah blah.”

They came out and had  a look at exactly what I had and said, “this will actually take two removal trucks and you’ve got a piano,” so stuff that’s letting your removalist understand about what it is you’re actually moving.

Definitely, Roxie. It’s not just to help yourself but to help your removalist.

I do a lot of assessing, myself, and 90% of the moves we do are assessed, and then there’s no problems. You can settle people down and have a good talk of what there is to move and actually outline to the people what the logistics are on the day the truck will arrive, how many guys will be there, and how long it will take to load.

What are the idiosyncrasies of the different things they have to move like piano, bigger tables, to make sure that we’ve got the right amount of stuff and the right amount of trucks. Whatever it is to do and then, to sort out the final days of the house.

Yeah, when you arrive at the place that you move into, one of the things that I sort of did, on the boxes I wrote what rooms that would try to make it easy for the removalists as possible as to where things are going.

Because it can get quite chaotic, can’t it?

Ah, boxes everywhere, yeah, a house full of boxes, everything’s in a big mess everywhere. But writing on top of the boxes the intended room they’re going to is perfect. That’s a great help, not only for the removalist but for yourselves, too, as you unpack the boxes and then it works much better.

It’s on top of the things we go through with the customer when we’re doing the assessment. And then, if you do a lot of that homework, it all comes through and you get a good job done, everybody’s happy, so you might say that yes, it is stressful.

And it is.

But there’s a lot of people who understand that if you can take as much stress out of it by what we’ve discussed, then, you know, it ends up a good day and the guys are happy, and the customer’s happy. It’s a good feeling. It’s great when it works.

You’ll be pleased to know that I always reward my removers with a slug of beer because they’ve always had to work hard.

How very interesting! You got me a bit of a practice talking about Crichton Removals and what you guys do. You’ve got some great stuff in here.

Apart from everything else, hey, congratulations! You guys won the Customer Service Award at the Australian Achievers Awards last year. That’s amazing!

Yeah, that’s terrific! It’s a great pat on the back for the staff. To the whole team, really right from the first phone call from a customer, to an email, to the guys doing the assessment, then to getting it quite accepted, to then fulfilling what was decided by the customer on the day of the move to get it all done That’s all about customer service and we’re a service industry and that has to be right.

And why not be the best and that’s what we try to do, and then the fellows are great, and the staff’s good, so….that’s the way it works.

Isn’t that wonderful? But one of the things you’ve got in here is like a really good list of people you need to notify about moving. Things that they would need to think about when you’re moving. That’s a handy thing.

That’s the handy hands list that we give to the customers and that’s got a list of different agencies and contacts that they need to contact.

Some people might not realise that they have to change their electoral address. They might forget to tell the vet that they’re moving. For their dogs or cats. So, just a general list of things they can, “Oh yeah, I thought about that…nah, I didn’t realise this!” So it helps.

Absolutely! Like to tell your stock broker, potentially. Things like that, you also have to find out a lot of  handy things from moving day. I love this – a kpot, a kettle, tea, coffee and some snacks. Things like that is really great so when you get near the place you can get a cuppa…

At the end of the move, people are exasperated, fairly exhausted because it’s not only the day of the move, it’s the build up too that disheartens people.

To a have a bit of comfort, a bit of food, a bit of drinks or something like that is pretty important to keep their energy up for sure.

That wrapped up Daryl’s discussion with Roxie Bennett of Bay lifestyle on what you need to know when moving house.

If you’re in need of removalist, it’s best to find someone whom you can really rely on such as Crichton Removals. Call us at 1800 754 05 so we can come over and assess what needs to be moved.


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