Self Storage Geelong

Self Storage – What Are My Options

If you find yourself needing to store some of your personal belongings, before or after your move, you have a few options. To determine which is best for you, you’ll want to consider your budget, how long you need to store your items, and the space that is available to you.

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Buy Cheap Moving Blankets Geelong

Moving Blankets – What You Need to Know

Moving blankets can be an effective packing material to safeguard items in for your move, such as pieces of furniture, large appliances, and even boxes with fragile items inside. But, before you commit to buying, or renting, moving blankets, there are a few things you should know.

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Pool, Snooker and Billiard Table Removals

Billiard & Pool Table Removals Geelong

Moving a home with a pool table takes special consideration. Pool tables are fragile, like pianos, and they require the right approach to moving or else they could get damaged. Pool tables are a bit dangerous to move. They’re heavy and they can potentially injure someone trying to relocate them.

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Office Moving Checklist

Developing a Plan to Move an Office

If you’re a small business owner and you’re trying to come up with a plan to move your office, you probably realise that the task at hand can be a challenging one. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Developing a plan to move an office from one place to another just takes a bit of time and thought. It’s something that, once done, will make your commercial relocation much easier than you can probably have imagined.

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best piano movers removalist geelong

Piano Removals In Geelong – What You Need to Know?

Moving a piano yourself can be costly. It can also lead to injury or needed repair for your instrument. If you have a piano that you need to get from one location to another, it’s best to have a professional mover move it for you.

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Moving Home Checklist

Residential Relocations: Moving Home Checklist

Moving your home can be challenging, but with careful planning it is easier on everyone involved.

Are you getting ready for a residential move and wondering how you’ll manage it effectively?

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Cheap Self Storage Geelong

Storage Services: De-cluttering & Managing Your New Space

As many people prepare for a move, they come across items they’re on the fence about. They often wonder when they’ll want access to baby items or family heirlooms boxed in plastic bins. They think about the reality of the space in their new home and they contemplate if tons of sports equipment, such as bikes and skiis, will fit.

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Why should you choose Crichton Removals for your upcoming relocation?

Congratulations!  The ‘SOLD sign’ has gone up on your home and now you need to decide how you are planning to move….ie engage a professional company, move yourself with a trailer, or ask your family / friends to help you….

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How to Pack and Prepare for your Move

The SOLD sign is finally pegged. Your title company has all the paperwork involved fixed up, making you the rightful owner of the house. What next?

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Moving from Melbourne to Geelong

Geelong has seen many residents pack their bags and move to Melbourne for job opportunities in the past. Nowadays, the broad trend is reversed as more people relocate from Melbourne to Geelong instead of the other way around.

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Why hire furniture removalists

Some people think relocating furniture on their own is easier and more convenient than hiring professional removalists.

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How to choose the right storage

How do you determine which storage system is best for you?

Choosing the right storage for you depends on what your expectations are. Aside from the cost, you also have to decide what would be most convenient for you.

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In honor of Peter Crichton

Daryl, Marie & Sarah Pagan and all of the staff at Crichton Removals would like to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to Shirley and all of the Crichton Family on their recent loss of Peter Crichton on the 3rd February 2015.

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Tips on moving to a new office

Moving to a new office has a totally different set of dynamics from moving into a new home.

For instance, there must be a systemised way of boxing and packing hard copies of documents and equipment, otherwise you may encounter problems such as missing documents and delays once you resume operations.

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The right way to move a piano

A piano is a precision musical instrument, beautiful, classic – and heavy. Moving a piano can be tricky.

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3 Surprising benefits when moving during the holidays

It’s that time of the year when everyone’s bustling for their holiday shopping, planning Christmas dinner menus, scheduling barbecues and catching up with family and friends.

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3 Important things to do when moving interstate

Moving interstate takes of planning and preparation. There are so many things to organise besides the move itself that the last thing you want to do is be worried about the removalists.

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3 Reasons why you should hire prepackers when your business relocates

Relocating your office should be an exciting time for you and your staff because it marks a fresh and promising new beginning for your company.

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Nothing stops our removalists

Being a removalist can be both challenging and rewarding.

Our job doesn’t simply involve transporting and unloading furniture across cities. Sometimes, our team runs into uncomfortable circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or unusual cargo. This is challenging but it is why we make sure that everyone on board are trained properly to respond to any situation.

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