4 Weeks to Moving Day: A Checklist

4 Weeks to Moving Day: A Checklist

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Breaking your move down into manageable tasks means more time to get things done, and reduces the stress that can come from a last-minute rush.

This checklist is designed to be tackled over four weeks, but if you don’t have that much time, just work through at the pace you need to make sure you have everything ready by moving day.

4 Weeks Out

You’ve picked your moving date (or a deadline you need to have moved by). Now it’s time to start getting ready. 

Book your removalist – booking your move early means getting your top choice of removalists and date. You’ll also be able to request a quote so you know roughly how much your move will cost.

Arrange packing boxes and materials – your moving company will be able to provide new packing boxes and materials. For free or low-cost options, you can usually pick up used boxes via online marketplaces and groups. Your local supermarket may also have empty boxes available if you ask.

Plan a garage sale – a garage sale is a great way to declutter household items you’re no longer using or wanting to replace/update. Not to mention the money you’ll make, which you can put towards your moving costs or new decor. Choose the date(s) you’ll have your garage sale and create an online ad with the details.

Arrange time off work – once you have your moving date locked in, request a couple days off work either side for those final tasks. It’ll make it so much less stressful if you’ve got the time off to focus, rather than trying to finish packing in the evenings.

Three weeks out

Pack less frequently used items – the earlier you start packing, the smoother the process will go. Start by packing items you won’t need in the next few weeks, like out-of-season clothes and decor, books, kitchenware and tools. As you go, consider whether these less-used-items even need to come with you – if you haven’t used it in a year or more, will you ever?  

Book cleaners – whether you’re renting or selling, you’ll probably need to leave your house spick and span. But after the move is done, do you really want to return to do a deep clean? Having a cleaner booked on the day after your move will save you having to do the hard work. 

Make a plan for your removalists – make your move smoother on the day by creating an easy-to-use guide for your removalists to follow. Create a copy of your new home and label furniture and boxes according to which room they’ll be going into. This’ll save you having to direct your movers on the day, or shift heavy items into the correct room later on.

Arrange care for kids/pets on moving day –  see if a friend or family member is around to babysit, or book a play date. It’ll save a heap of stress (and potentially avert an accident).

Two weeks out

Book donation truck – if you have a large amount of items to donate, you can usually arrange for these to be picked up. Book this for a day or two after your garage sale and donate anything that didn’t sell (that’s still in good condition). Donating in Geelong? Check out these 10 places to donate items in the Geelong region

Check access to your new home – consider any arrangements you’ll need to make for your removalists on the day. If you’re moving into an apartment, check whether you need to arrange for lift access and/or a parking bay. Do a quick visit to your new home and see what issues there might be for the removal truck like trees or narrow access. It’s easier to plan for these beforehand than on the day.

Request mail forwarding – make sure you have mail forwarding set up to catch any mail that might be sent out in the next few months to your old address. As mail comes in, make sure you update your address with the provider.

One week out

Dismantle any furniture – save time by taking apart any furniture that won’t fit through doorways, like beds or tables. Store all nuts and bolts in a clearly labelled bag taped to the furniture.

Eat the leftovers – prioritise using up perishable items from your fridge, freezer and pantry. This might mean getting creative with your meals.

Clean your appliances – give your washing machine, fridge and freezer a good clean out before you move. Empty out the filters, give them a good wipe down and tape down any shelves to avoid breakage.

Pack an essentials box – consider what you’ll want to be able to find as soon as you arrive. Your list might include:

  • Clean sheets and towels so you can make the bed and take a shower. 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste to freshen up. 
  • Some basic crockery and utensils so you can have dinner.

Order groceries online – either for click and collect or delivery. Most supermarkets allow you to select a date up to a week out – you’ll thank yourself on moving day when you have milk, bread and basic dinner ingredients ready to go.


Crichton Removals’ experienced and friendly removalists can help you move within Geelong or beyond. We also offer storage solutions and packing materials to cover off every step of your move.


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