3 Important things to do when moving interstate

3 Important things to do when moving interstate

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Moving interstate takes of planning and preparation. There are so many things to organise besides the move itself that the last thing you want to do is be worried about the removalists.

Here are three of the most important things you need to do to make sure your interstate move goes smoothly.

1. Find the right interstate removalist

There are many removalists that do interstate relocations, but not all of these companies provide the proper training of their personnel for this task.

Distance is a huge factor in transferring all your items and furniture, and you need to make sure your removalist knows how to handle everything including your most fragile items.

Give yourself time to choose the right removalist company to hire. Ask for recommendations and find out how they do things.

The best removalist companies are confident enough to answer all your queries and walk you through the process.

Once you’ve decided on your removalist, discuss their services and confirm as soon as possible to avoid scheduling problems.

2. Pre-pack before your move

Two weeks gives you ample time to double-check if you have packed everything that you need to bring. It’s easy to miss many of your favorite items when you are rushing the packing.

If you’re too busy and frazzled to do it, hire a pre-packing service and let the professionals handle your pre-packing needs.

3. Redirect your mail

Make sure that you have your mails redirected to your new address.

Inform your utility providers for your gas, electricity, and water of your move. Call your phone company and pay-TV as well, if you have them

You don’t want to have to settle your bills after you’re already living somewhere else.Your utility providers will usually give you advanced meter readings and estimation and will issue your closing bills on the day of your move.

Your removalist plays an important role in your interstate move

The success of your interstate move depends on how well you have prepared for it, and the removalist company you hire will play a huge part in it.

A good removalist company helps make the process easier for you and can take worry off your shoulders.

At Crichton Removals we know how to get things done right. We pride ourselves on customer service and maintain an excellent track record among our clients who rely on us for their moving needs. Get in touch and we’ll help make your interstate moving experience a memorable one!

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